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The Next 30 Lbs | Week 2

October 5, 2012 by B.Good

As of July 2012 – I had lost 40 lbs since the beginning of the year. I inadvertently took the Summer off to enjoy myself and focus on some other projects. But now I’m back…focused…determined to lose The Next 30 Lbs that will put me in the “Healthy Weight” category, per my BMI measurement.

This progress report is in regards to The Next 30 Lbs…Week 2.

Weight: -5 lbs | BMI: 28.2 (-6.6) | Waist: 37″ (-7″)

I’m a week late with this report. I want to do weekly updates, but last week just wasn’t the week to get started. Between PMS, just plain ol’ MS (no “P”), and moving to a new apartment…it was rough sticking to my plan and finding a moment to stop and give a progress report.

But here I am, 2 weeks later, with some good news to share. (Wasn’t it worth the wait? :))

Glad to report that I’m still on target to lose 30 lbs in 10 weeks. I’m 1 lb shy of the goal to lose 3 lbs a week, but I’ll take it. I’m sure I can make up for it along the way…at least, that’s what I’ll be shooting for.

For those who’ve been following along from the beginning of my journey…

Total Weight Loss: 45lbs

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