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21 weeks later…

June 11, 2012 by B.Good

Timeline of the video:

  • 0:00 – Update on my “State of the Weight”
  • 2:54 – Tailored Pants Revealed
  • 7:00 – New Body, New Clothes. Help me dress this foreign body! Please 🙂

Basically…not much progress was made since my last progress report from week 16. The last 5 weeks were a wash, as I went on vacation and took plenty of liberties in that time. I reached my milestone briefly, but then bounced right up out of it not too much later.

But I’m back now…settled in, and ready to WORK! I will reach that milestone again, and I will go farther than ever.

I did, however, manage to work with my Nana to alter those slacks I had that were ginormous! Refresh your memory HERE.

And while I was on vacation, I picked up a new pair of jeans that fit without a belt or further alteration, lol. But umm, the whole shopping experience was dreadfully overwhelming. So many options available that weren’t there before…I haven’t a clue what to do! H-E-L-P!

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