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April, 2012

  1. Motivators: Size Appraisal

    April 18, 2012 by B.Good

    Do you have a shirt I can borrow?

    Yeah, here. It should be big enough.

    Big enough?

    I mean, it should fit you.


    Mmmhmm. Interesting choice of words.

  2. My ‘Foodie’ Sense is Tingling

    April 4, 2012 by B.Good

    I’ve experienced an increased sense of smell since starting this journey to healthy. I can smell food ingredients from a mile away.

    The other day, a couple with 3 Papa John’s pizzas (I recognized the box) walked past me. They didn’t walk directly in front me…they were actually a little ways away, but in any case, we crossed paths.

    About 50 ft later, when they were clearly out of my path, I could smell the pizzas…vividly. I could smell the fresh veggies, the tomato sauce, and the CHEEESE.

    Man, I know Papa John’s so well. That was my SPOT! I was reminded of a coupon I had for a free pizza, and I was all set to cash it in and throw my eating plan out the window. But thankfully, the coupon had already expired. The Lord had saved me from myself!

    Angel Have Mercy.