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10 weeks later…

March 15, 2012 by B.Good

And now for my 10 week progress report…

Weight: -22lbs | BMI: 31.6 (-3.4) | Waist: 41 (-3)

Needless to say, I missed my goal to repeat my previous 18 lb weight loss.

But I did lose 4 lbs over the last 5 weeks, lowered my BMI by 0.6, with no change to my waist measurement.

So, that’s the good news. And it really is good news, because I actually accomplished the above results over the last 2 weeks. The 3 weeks prior, however, are a different story.

The Dreaded Plateau

It happens to the best of us. Everything’s going great, you’re doing (just about) everything right, and suddenly…the number on the scale stops moving. Even as I jumped up and down on the dang thing…that little red line stayed put.

[I use an analog scale.  Only way I roll.]

There are many things that can contribute to a plateau, and that is the most annoying part of it all. It’s rare that there is just ONE reason why your body settles at a particular weight, and it’s rare that just ONE solution will get you going again.

My Story of Plateau

It started innocently enough. Folloing my great success after my last progress report, I decided that dammit, I wanted some wine. I’m a self-proclaimed wine-o, and 5 weeks without it was getting to me. So I knowingly took a “break”, and celebrated with a weekend of wine. I knew that this would likely interfere with my weight loss for the week, but I willingly accepted that risk.

Well, one weekend, turned into 2 weekends (there was still some wine left in the bottle), so I ended up jeopardizing myself for those 2 weeks. I thought that maybe I wouldn’t drop as much weight since I was still making sure to drink water, eat on my plan, etc. I didn’t realize it would stop altogether. It wasn’t like I was overindulging, or having a glass or two every day. Didn’t matter. Evidently, alcohol, with its empty carbs and refined sugars, is no bueno for weight loss. Doh!

Meanwhile, I also kicked up my exercise during that 3 week period. After losing so much weight, I was feeling good, and had all this extra energy; so every morning I was doing 30 minutes on the bike, and burning about 300 calories. Plus I was lifting weights to tame these upper arm wings. Apparently I wasn’t taking in enough calories to support the extra energy I was expending, so my body started storing fat and the weight loss stopped. Here I was thinking I was doing a good thing for my body, and in the long run it is, but in the short(er) run, it was hindering my immediate progress. Argh!

So inadvertently, I had inflicted double damage on myself.

How I Got Over the Hump

Well…I put the wine down and stopped exercising, lol. That helped me get the 4 lb result I’m reporting today.

But I’m also taking it a bit further to really charge my body, by making sure that my food choices are the best available. Leaner proteins, fewer carbs, etc. Yeah, there’s even a hierarchy in the “healthy” foods category.

Por ejemplo…

  • Broccoli is healthy, low carb, and high fiber…but Romaine Lettuce is also healthy, with an even lower carb, and good source of fiber. So laying off the broccoli a bit and eating more lettuce could help me get that extra boost. Plus, I can eat more (volume of) lettuce than I could of broccoli, while still keeping my carbs low, and my fiber high.

Yeah, I know. Like, seriously? Now I gotta watch my broccoli intake? Sheesh. Just until I jolt my body out of storing fat, but still.

Goes to show that there are many lessons to be learned on this journey to healthy, and it’s full of twists and turns. Those 3 weeks of weighing in and seeing nada on the scale SUCKED. Major. But I had to take it on the chin, because ultimately, I did it to myself. The good news is…I now know first-hand the consequences of those particular actions, so I’ll be careful not to repeat.

Here’s to the next milestone [15 lbs] that I hope to reach with my next progress report.

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