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February, 2012

  1. Together

    February 29, 2012 by B.Good

    I had a touching moment with my Mom this morning. She knows better than anyone how insurmountable the task of weight loss and weight maintenance has been for us. It’s been a tall order since I can remember.

    And it feels like…we just might finally breakthrough YEARS of misinformation, ignorance, indifference, and defeatism.


    We’re in this together. I couldn’t imagine it any other way.

  2. Motivators: Random Compliments

    February 21, 2012 by B.Good

    I received a compliment from a coworker today:

    “I know what looks different about you…you’re getting skinny!”

    We had casually walked past each other and said hello, but she doubled back and found me at my desk just to let me know she noticed my weight loss. And after a week where many poor choices were made…her comment brought be back to life.

    Today was the first day that I started to get back into my rhythm, back to making good choices, and her words gave me that extra “umph” I needed to put the past week behind me and push through to the next one.

    I’ve been doing well, and I’ve made some real progress. And although I had a minor setback this week, today I’m encouraged to continue making all of the right decisions, and furthering my weight loss.

  3. 5 weeks later…

    February 9, 2012 by B.Good

    And now for my first progress report…

    Weight: -18lbs | BMI: 32.2 (-2.8) | Waist: 41 (-3)

  4. 4 weeks later…

    February 2, 2012 by B.Good

    In just 4 weeks, I’ve been changed. Not only physically, but mentally – which is the hardest element of oneself to change.

    In just 4 weeks, I’ve learned to enjoy cooking. Beyond that, I value the time and care that goes into preparing my own meals. Anyone who knows me knows…“I don’t cook.” I can warm the hell out of a Stouffers Vegetable Lasagna; but slaving over a hot stove was never my thing.

    In just 4 weeks, I’ve become addicted to water. I crave it, even. And I used to HATE water. So much, that if water was the only thing available to drink, I’d just go thirsty all day. I’d rather have nothing at all than drink a glass of water. Not anymore…

    In just 4 weeks, I’ve found myself looking forward to gym time. And I HATE working out. I don’t do sweat. Eck, I hate to sweat. But something’s come over me, and I’m now a happy gym person.

    In just 4 weeks, I’ve completely changed my priorities and HEALTH is at the top of the list. Everything that I need to do to BE healthy, which were burdens before, are now worth every effort.