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January, 2012

  1. Before…

    January 13, 2012 by B.Good

    “Don’t forget to take your ‘before’ picture,” Steve reminded me.

    He knows something I don’t know.  That a dramatic change is about to take place, and I’ll want to chronicle it along the way.  He couldn’t be more right; so here is my attempt at getting ahead of this thing ‘before’ it’s too far gone.  Change, once you’ve committed to it, comes swiftly.  So swiftly, in fact, that if measures are not put in place, one may not recognize, or appreciate the change at all.

    So here I am…preparing my ‘before’ for the recognition after.  I realize I’m typing in riddles, but things are moving so fast that I cannot fully indulge at the moment.  But soon.  Yes, soon.

    Believe me.  I have plenty of ‘before’ to choose from; shouldn’t take long at all.